Barcelona is close to lease the Estady Uis Kompany

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Barcelona‘s Ues Kompany, also known as Olympique de Montjuic, is set to be the interim arena for Azul Grana in the 2023-2024 season.

Barcelona’s deputy mayor Jaume Colboni has confirmed that Barcelona are in talks to lease the Estady Uis Kompany to use during the Camp Nou renovation. According to the plans of the Azul Grana team. That reports from UFABET Mundo de Portivo on Thursday. 

Barcelona are undergoing massive renovations to the Camp Nou in the coming years, so Azul Grana president Joan Laporta is planning a move to the Uiss Gimpanys. Home to the 2023-2024 season, while renovations to the ‘Camp Nou’ stadium are ongoing to accommodate supporters.

Azulgrana see a move to Ues Kompany as a low-cost option. While Globoni has made it clear Barcelona will not charge high rents for the stadium.

‘We want things that are going well for Barça because when Barca is doing well, Barcelona will be good too. We are making it easy. The local council should help the club as much as we can.’

According to UFABET additional reports, talks between the two sides are ongoing. And expect to take effect within the next few weeks.

Uis Kompany’s is a stadium built when Barcelona hosted the 1992 Olympic Games. It sits on Montjuic Hill with great views of Barcelona. The stadium was previously lease to Espanyol at home between 1997-2009.