Your hair falls out in patches. The more you leave it on

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Your hair falls out in patches. The more you leave it on, the more you lose confidence.

Alopecia areata Problems that cause you to worry and lack confidence. This disease can occur in both males and females.

There are noticeable symptoms.

  • There is circular hair loss with clear boundaries.  
  • There may be one or more rings on the head. 
  • It can occur on hair in other areas of the body, such as eyebrows and armpit hair.
  • There may also be itching or burning in the area where the hair has fallen.

 The cause is caused by the immune system malfunctioning in the body. Resulting in destroying the hair roots. and causes hair growth to stop And there may be other factors that contribute to patchy hair loss, such as genetics, stress, allergies, etc.

Of course, anyone who is currently dealing with this symptom will have their confidence diminished quite a bit. Therefore, if you begin to notice abnormal symptoms of your hair and scalp You should immediately see a doctor to analyze the cause and treat it using the appropriate method. To prevent loss of existing hair and stimulate new hair growth.

Hair loss in patches Lost confidence, what should I do?

Alopecia areata is a disease caused by the body’s immune system destroying the hair roots. Makes hair fall easily Initially, hair will fall out in patches. But it can be so great that it spreads to the entire head. Anyone who is dealing with this disease may lose confidence. I don’t dare go anywhere. So we have some advice for you.

  1. Understand the disease : This disease can be cured if treated by an expert dermatologist. But at the same time, it may come back again. Or there may be new hair loss in other areas as well.
  2. Consult a doctor : If you notice that you are losing a lot of hair. It is similar to the characteristics of alopecia areata. You should consult a dermatologist for timely treatment. The specialized doctor will recommend treatment methods that are suitable for each person. Treatment of this disease depends on the severity of the lesion. which includes injections, applying medicine, and taking tonics and irradiation with a machine TherabeamUV308
  3. Don’t be too stressed : Stress symptoms will make you more stressed.
  4. Wearing a wig : In cases where the patient has severe hair loss You may wear a wig to help boost your confidence. But you must diligently maintain cleanliness.
  5. Wear a hat : If the area of ​​hair loss cannot be concealed by setting the hair, Or don’t want to wear a wig to hide You can find a stylish hat to wear instead when you want to leave the house every once in a while. But you shouldn’t wear a hat all day long.
  6. Should receive psychotherapy : If the patient is unable to accept his or her hair loss symptoms. Consultation with a psychiatrist is another thing that can help relieve anxiety.

For anyone who has this disease, don’t alarmed. If it’s only a small amount, it usually goes away on its own. But it is best to consult an expert dermatologist. To receive timely treatment is best.