Cristiano Ronaldo will decide whether to stay at the club next year

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Former Manchester United star Gary Neville has warned his former club that Cristiano Ronaldo will decide whether to stay at the club next year. It’s not the club that decides.

         The Portugal international recently played a heroic hat-trick as the team beat Spurs 3-2 in the Premier League. England on Saturday night This is his 59th career hat-trick, and is now the world’s highest scorer with a goal net from the official FIFA tally of 807.

         Ronaldo has been questioned many times over a move to his former club, but he has also shown a great netting record, with Gary pointing out that the former friend will stay or go at He’s the one who decides, not the club.

         “The decision is imminent at the end of the season,” Gary told UFABET Sports. “Will Cristiano Ronaldo be at Manchester United at the end of the season? Will Manchester United keep him?

         “That’s not a gift to them, Ronaldo has to make a decision. He has a contract for another year. Whether or not he wants to be here, whether it’s a ‘project’ that some players like to say he believes in and is happy.”

         “His greatness and wants a career to be fun. he has expectations He wants to win every game. Obviously, there were some elements that he couldn’t.”

         “If Man United want to be a team that squeezes the game high. He might not be that person. But it was his decision to stay at Manchester United or not.