Georginho Wijnaldum is Prepare to back to Premier League next season

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French publication L’Equipe and UFABET report that Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Georginho Wijnaldum. He is Prepare to turn back to football in the Premier League England next season.

         The Holland international signed a three-year contract on a free transfer last summer after his contract with Liverpool expired. But has failed to make a positive impact on the club under Mauricio Po. chettino

         Even though he has played 29 games including all items. But he hasn’t been a regular in the team with only 3 goals and 2 assists.

         According to the French media. Both Wijnaldum and PSG have both admitted the transfer was a mistake. So the 31-year-old will be among the players to be release from the team at the end of the season. this

         The report added that returning to the Premier League England are the most likely option for Wijnaldum. But the destination club is not expected to be the old Liverpool team.

         For Wijnaldum, he has 27 goals and 16 assists in 217 games in the Premier League against Newcastle and Liverpool.