Media reports a Napoli fan was stabbed outside the stadium.

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Serie A Mercato Reported that a Napoli fan was stabbed in front of the pitch. Before the start of the home match against Salernitana 1-1 Italian football Serie A battle on Sunday.

The Naples side have a chance to celebrate winning the Scudetto. If they can win this game after second-placed Lazio lost 3-1 to Inter Milan in the previous game.

The supporters at Diego Armando Maradona’s Stadio were in awe as Mathias Olivera gave Napoli the lead in the 62nd minute of the game. But Bulai six minutes before the clock expired. Dea comes to score an equalizer Salernitana. At the end of the game, it ended up splitting the points. Causing the celebration to be postponed.

However, bad things happen before the start of the game. When the Spanish media reported that a Napoli supporter had stabbed in the stomach outside the pitch UFABET

The report said it was a traffic brawl, with the suspect angry after the victim and a friend stopped their vehicle to cross the street. The injured 38-year-old was take to the hospital in stable condition.

Napoli’s next game will be a trip to Udinese. With just a draw to guarantee the league title this season.