Xavi advises new Barcalona boss.

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Xavi Hernandez thinks that the person who will succeed him as Barcelona coach will feel like he is risking his life every moment, just like him.

Xavi Hernandez says the man who will succeed him as Barcelona coach this summer will face the same problems as himself and that it would be impossible to work in that position. With fun amid pressure from all sides, according to a report from ‘UFABET’ last Tuesday.  

‘It will happen to them. This is the problem. My advice is for them to act natural and not let themselves be influenced. I almost made it. My dream was to coach Barcelona and win and it has been achieved. I have a clear conscience that I have done my best for the club. I am proud of this work. And I’m a member of the club. I will always be like that.’

‘My advice is to have fun with it. But it’s impossible,’ Xavi said.

‘When I appeared in front of the media I speak what I think. When I said we were building, you killed me. I also said we didn’t have Barça in 2010. I feel like they didn’t buy whatever I asked for. Even after winning La Liga with more than 12 points.’

‘I don’t think it’s an accurate reflection of the story. It’s a matter of the club environment, the needs and myself.’ สมัคร ufabet

Asked how one of the club’s most beloved players, Xavi, would get there, the 44-year-old replied: ‘That’s how I feel, that’s how they make you feel like you’re not good enough every day. Talking to Pep, he told me that. I see Luis Enrique suffering. We have to reflect. We are struggling with the demands of this position. It seems like you are risking your life every moment. That’s why I say it’s cruel, it’s not fun.’